About Icare


Founded in 1983, Icare is a point reference in its market, in 3 business areas: as an insurer, manager and assistance provider.

As a specialist in mechanical breakdown warranties and maintenance plans, Icare designs customised products for: manufacturer labels, distribution groups and independent distributors, repair groups, financial institutions, brokers and damage insurers.

Its strategy and tools are constantly evolving to support its partners in a multichannel distribution context and respond to regulatory and technological developments.

Icare has been a subsidiary of BNP Paribas Cardif since 2014 and is the international centre of expertise for the Group, which is now expanding in Europe.

Our vision

Our mission is to support our partners in creating innovative solutions to enrich the relationship between car dealers and their customers.

Our services

We design customised warranty, maintenance, insurance and assistance products and services for automobile professionals and their clientele, under white label and our own brand.

Our products can be adapted to all kinds of engine, including electric, and to all types of vehicles, individual, light commercial, motorhome, motorbike, and yachting.


Our Commitments


Icare is one of the French market leaders for mechanical breakdown warranties and maintenance plans.


To ensure we are close at hand to support our distributors, we have a dedicated commercial contact for each region in France, and also each country in which Icare deploys its activities.


Each year, Icare manages around 140,000 payment invoices, 400,000 contract subscriptions and 207,000 interventions.


Continuous optimisation of our procedures enables Icare to deal effectively with nearly 200,000 cases per year, within a controlled timeframe.


Icare is committed to continued improvement. In order to optimise the way the company operates and guarantees the satisfaction of its customers, Icare acquired ISO 9001 certification in 1998.


Thanks to its own management system developed in-house, Icare has complete control of its entire value chain and contract lifecycles.


The company is making ongoing investments in dematerialised solutions to offer its partners and introduce into its multichannel pathways for beneficiaries.

Our partners

Icare’s partners in France include 17 car manufacturers, 6 insurers, 13 financial institutions (including 6 car manufacturers’ captive finance companies and 7 independent bodies), along with car distribution groups.

Since 2016, Icare has been expanding its international presence.

Key figures for 2015

  • Over 140 employees
  • Turnover of €85.9 M
  • 800,000 contracts in the portfolio
  • 207,000 interventions managed
  • 185,000 cases per year
  • 377,000 calls processed on the platform

Customer and dealer relations

Your satisfaction is our goal

We are constantly optimising our procedures and tools to handle your requests efficiently and responsively. Our telephone teams strive for renewed levels of performance on a day-to-day level to offer you unique service quality. In the year 2015 :

  • 90% of calls were answered in less than 20 seconds
  • 92% of files were processed in around 4 minutes

Our Customer Relations Department is attentive to your ongoing requests

Our consultants help you understand your contracts and manage your administrative requests. In addition to their day-to-day support, their role is to manage any exceptions and  resolve any delicate situations.

A team of 12 people handle almost 6,500 calls per month, with a call answering rate of over 97%.

Our Technical Platform will support you during events

As mechanical breakdown experts, our advisors assist customers during breakdowns, dealing with event requests and settling repair bills.

A team of  35 people handle around 15,000 events on a monthly basis, within carefully controlled timeframes.

Any question ?

We have listed the frequently asked questions by the contracts beneficiaries and by the car dealers and repairer. You may find the answers you're looking for by checking our FAQ here