Marketing Tools

For each maintenance or warranty product, Icare creates a pack of contractual documents for beneficiaries. As a minimum, this will include a subscription form and the associated terms and conditions.

It may, in accordance with the Partner's agreements, be accompanied by a warranty booklet or maintenance guide and a personal customer card.

Icare provides a range of communication media for distributors of its brand, such as : sales guides, customer leaflets, POS advertising, etc.

Partners generating a certain volume of business can have these tools customised to their brand.


Customer Relation Programmes

Icare’s Marketing Department assists Partners in reflecting upon and deploying multi-product and multi-channel customer relation programmes.

The aim is to co-build a strategy to develop new sales opportunities in the automotive life cycle and integrate new products and distribution channels.

For example, Icare is studying its Partners’ multi-channel customer experience to orchestrate future contract renewal campaigns.

In addition, Icare is working on the development of new distribution and loyalty tools that can be integrated into Partner services.