Extranet S.id

S.id is the extranet for maintenance and warranty contract subscription services and intervention requests, designed for dealers. It provides real-time 24/7 access to Icare databases.

Its functions are adapted to the needs of all sales point departments: secretariat, workshop, accounts administration.

All dealers that have signed a distribution agreement with Icare receive a login ID from our Customer Relations Department, enabling them to create the necessary profiles.

S.id’s main functions :

  • Creating quotes for maintenance and warranty contracts
  • Subscribing to contracts and issuing subscription bulletins
  • Submitting and following up online intervention requests
  • Conducting multi-criteria contract searches
  • Checking vehicle event histories
  • Consulting activity dashboards (production, active fleet, workshop turnover)
  • Accessing purchase orders, invoices and other administrative documents
  • Accessing warranty books, sales guides and other business tools


Eurica is a business application developed internally by Icare to control the value chain and life cycle of its contracts.

This tool lies at the heart of the relationship between Icare and its reseller or repair partners. When a request for intervention is received, it allows our telephone advisors to quickly present the appropriate solution to the dealer.

Eurica's main functions :

  • Managing distribution agreements by third party prescriber, product and point of sale
  • Managing beneficiary contracts: quotes, subscriptions, invoicing
  • Managing repairer intervention agreement requests
  • Managing customer complaints
  • Sales force performance management
  • Sending e-mails, text messages and faxes
  • Managing financial flows through SAP interface


WeBIcare is a web-based statistical reporting tool, developed with QlikView technology, providing our partners with customised monitoring of their business activities and  those of their distribution networks.

WeBicare's main functions :

  • Managing commercial activities and risks according to different levels of information: partners, distribution groups, dealers, field sales representatives, customer advisors...
  • Monitoring commercial offers using graphical analysis of results
  • Real-time reporting tools with comprehensive dashboards
  • Exporting data in Excel file format
  • Customisable interface for partner brands and data



Icare adapts to its customers’ needs and usage conventions in order to provide them with the best possible support on a daily basis and ensure that they remain loyal to their car dealer.

This mobile app is available as a free download. It gives beneficiaries access to key information, at any time, in order to benefit from their warranty and / or maintenance contract:

  • Contractual details: contract number, date of end of cover, services included
  • Services explained using videos and images
  • Dealer and Customer Service contacts

The application's home screen can be customised to incorporate the car dealer's logo.