Used Vehicle Warranty

Icare offers a comprehensive turnkey range to support professionals in designing their Used Vehicle commercial warranties :

  • Loyalty insurance for distributor commercial warranties
  • Commercial warranty management for self-insured dealers
  • Mixed insurance and management modes, to better calibrate commercial warranties: major breakdown insurance, other brands, out of sector

Solutions offered by Icare:

  • Possibility of mixing management and insurance
  • Wide range of cover, from vital engine/transaxle cover to manufacturer-type cover for peace of mind
  • All fuel types: petrol, diesel, hybrid and electric
  • Subscription to cover vehicles up to 15 years old / with up to 250,000 kilometres on the clock
  • Full range of durations, from 3 months to 3 years
  • Warranty for unlimited mileage, with no decrease in cover during contract
  • Breakdown assistance / towing to vendor garage Adaptable replacement vehicles

Why choose Icare ?


Icare is a market leader in commercial warranties, offering a wide range that covers all types of used vehicles up to 15 years old: private, light commercial, recreational vehicles, two-wheeled.

The products are tailor-made for vehicle manufacturer labels, automotive distribution groups and independent distributors.
All modes of operation can be envisaged: management or insurance or mixed.