Field Team

A field team of 45 people ensure that support for dealers is close at hand, in France and all the other countries in which Icare operates. Their role consists essentially of training dealers and assisting them in monitoring their activities. Sales representatives present the product range to sales points and assist them in selecting the options best suited to their activities.

Sales representatives also train all Partner interlocutors in product implementation, from commercial to administrative functions. The partnerships are then characterised  by recurrent team coordination. Sales representatives use a comprehensive dashboard of tools to study, analyse and optimise Partner activities and mode management choices. Where necessary, they will alert dealers to any fluctuations in claims experiences so that they can put together a joint action plan and initiate corrective actions.

Main tasks carried out by ICARE sales representatives :

  • Ensuring the deployment of used car labels and the Icare range Promoting new offers
  • Training interlocutors at the points of sale Coordinating activities and managing risks
  • Initiating actions to control fluctuations in claims experiences
  • Escalating best practices Upgrading and upselling subscriptions
  • Working on recent used cars and remarketing Capitalising upon the contents of reports

Stimulation Tools

Our field teams have two tools to motivate dealer sales :


The Simulicare tool is an online turnover and workshop commission simulator for warranty extension and maintenance contract distributors. It determines the dealers’ sales objectives and the direct and indirect revenue generated at the after-sales stage by these contracts.

This sales aid tool, which can be used prior to or during appointments, allows for :

  • Setting of sales targets for each product
  • Prediction of the turnover achievable on each product
  • Extraction of a PDF report from the simulation results

Simulicare can be customised in accordance with specific partner data and logos



Icare organises an incentive programme for its dealers, which rewards their sales through bonus allocation. A web platform, with dedicated identifiers for participating dealers, allows them to follow the development of their results and request their bonuses whenever they wish. Sales representatives have access to sales reporting, allowing them to track their dealers.

Icare can draw upon the experience of this dealer challenge to support its Partners in deploying versions adapted to their own needs, in white label mode.